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        15KVA RS232 THDI 10 Modular UPS with 3 / 1 system , charge - discharge current value

        Minimum Order Quantity : USD10000 Packaging Details : Standard Exported Cartons and Pallets
        Delivery Time : Within 15-30days after receiving your 30% TT deposit Payment Terms : 30% TT in advance, the balance before shipping
        Supply Ability : 10000PCS/Month for Inverter and line Interactive UPS; Advance 3000PCS/Month for Online UPS
        Place of Origin: China Brand Name: SOROTEC
        Certification: CE,ROHS,ISO9000

        Detail Information

        High Light:

        ups battery cabinet


        ups power

        Product Description

        15KVA RS232 THDI 10 Modular UPS with 3 / 1 system , charge - discharge current value


        Key Features

        1. Multi-setting, according to input power condition user can be set as 1/1, 1/3, 3/1 or 3/3 system.
        2. It’s designed with modular structure and is made up of 1-10 modules
        3. It’s fitted with redundancy and can be upgraded according to your specific requirements
        4. N+X redundant technique, thus ensuring the reliable performance of the system
        5. The batteries can be shared
        6. The input THDI is not more than 5%
        7. Out modular UPS is environmentally friendly, small in size and light in weight.
        8. It’s easy to maintain. The module can be replaced optionally.
        9. System controller is used to carry out communications and diagnosis.
        10. Uses centralized static switch module


        Data processing centers, computer systems, servers, communication systems, financial systems, servers, communication systems, financial systems, traffic systems, medical systems, and many other fields.

        Technical Specifications of Modular UPS, MPS9330 5KVA-210KVA


        MPS9330  5KVA-210KVA

        Single module capacity

        5KVA  10KVA  15KVA

        System capacity


        Rated frequency



        Voltage range

        380/400/415V  ±  20%

        Input mode

        3 phase 4 wire  + ground wire  / single phase 2 wire  + ground wire

        Frequency range


        Input power factor

        ≥  0.99

        Total harmonic distortion


        Slow start



        Voltage accuracy

        220V (Single phase) 380/400/415V (3 phase)

        Frequency accuracy

        When the frequency of utility power is 50HZ±2%, the output frequency of UPS follows the utility power frequency, and the phase difference is < 3°; when the frequency of utility power is beyond the 50Hz±0.2% or when the battery offers power, the output frequency is 50Hz±0.2%.

        Power factor


        Harmonic Distortion

        Linear load ≤3% , non-linear load ≤5%

        Current Crest Ratio


        Whole unit efficiency

        ≥95% (AC power)  ≥98% (Battery Powered)

        Current sharing accuracy


        Transfer time


        Dynamic response transient range

        Overload 10%~100% or 100%~10%, the output voltage is ≤2%

        Load unbalance capability

        Can endure 100% unbalanced load


        Input rated voltage


        Input voltage range


        Panel display


        Chinese/English display UPS status, input voltage, output voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage, charge-discharge current value, fault and warning.

        Working environment




        0~95%, non-condensing

        Storage temperature



        ≤ sea level 1500m

        Noise(within 1m)

        < 50dB

        Physical property

        Size W × D× H(mm)

        600  ×  800  ×  2000

        Follow standard of GB/IEC regulation: EMC:GB7260.2/IEC62040-2  GB/17626.2~5/IEC61000-4-2~5     SAFETY:GB4943
        Note: Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

        UPS Modules

        1. Expansion easily according to demand to choose capacity collocate
        2. Online double conversion design, assure the output quality.
        3. Every module has digital and intelligent control separately.
        4. Every module just and independent UPS, can work independently.           
        5. Every module has independent charging system.
        6. Hot swappable, it ensure online maintenance.
        7. Standard dimension: 2U × 19 × 520mm

        15KVA RS232 THDI 10 Modular UPS with 3 / 1 system , charge - discharge current value 0
        Static Switches

        1. Static Switch module for standard mode UPS.
        2. Work in SCR and AC contactor paralleled.
        3. High reliability, high overload ability: 100%, 1 second, 0ms transfer times.
        4. Function of self-diagnosis, interlock, protection

        15KVA RS232 THDI 10 Modular UPS with 3 / 1 system , charge - discharge current value 1
        Communication & Monitoring Module

        1. System data.
        2. Modules data
        3. History log
        4. Work state display alarm and communication
        5. RS232 and RS422
        6. 8-pulse dry contacts output.
        7. SNMP adapter for standard mode.

        15KVA RS232 THDI 10 Modular UPS with 3 / 1 system , charge - discharge current value 2

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