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        Contact Us

        Contact Person : Ella

        Phone Number : 0755-81495850

        WhatsApp : +8613682556888

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        Production Line
        • Soro Company Exterior
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        • factory
        • factory
        • SMT

           SORO increase investment in production management and equipment every year. Production is according to international standards of production “Customer Demand as the Center Production Management as Base, Product Quality as the System”.
        We established a complete quality system ranging from material source, process, assembling to testing.
        We offer products in time with efficient, energy-saving.SORO will become an international renowned modern enterprise and have a more brilliant future

        Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.

        • IC Program Setting
        • Plug-in Board
        • Assembling

          SORO offer customized products requirement. OEM service include customer logo, tag and packing…ODM service offer from saw material components, PCB board, Software Setting, to Structure Design . SORO will be your best OEM and ODM partners.


        Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.

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        • R&D Department
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        • Customer Visit

          The R&D department is the core of the SORO. Shoulder heavy responsibilities of Research, developing new product perfecting the product. The process of the R&D is divided into planning, designing, executing, testing and maintaining five stages. After the planning and designing stages, carry out the staged checking. During the execute period will perform inspection and acceptance three times, and after that will perform testing stage and maintaining stage, including the product service and upgrade. In order to establish a high efficiency R&D system, SORO systemic program comes from the product stratagem, product developing process, R&D organization and the R&D Team to build a system organization. Further Perfect the customer service and build up SORO brand.
           Every year company invests 10% of its annual  revenue in research and development. We have international advanced equipments for research& development, testing and manufacturing, Meanwhile, SORO invited domestic best technical elites and established friendly cooperation relationship with domestic scientific research institutes and academies, all these Consolidated in the domestic power industry SORO leadership.

        Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.

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